AWS Safety Corner  

AWS Safety Corner

African wilderness safari’s safety and security are our top priority at every stage of the journey. Whether you are camping on safari or climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro / Mt Kenya, we anticipate your safety needs and carefully plan for contingencies. Here are just a few of the precautions that demonstrate our attention to safety:


1. We recommend you ask and check with your doctor about shots and health questions concerning the areas you will be traveling you can also call and get up-to-date information from Centers for Disease Control about traveling in East Africa. Additionally, pre-departure briefings prepare you with safe practices that will maximize your safety and security. We give you detailed instructions on local laws, customs, and safari practices, so that you will know what to expect at all times. For added convenience, we provide you with phone and email contacts you can leave with friends and family at home to assure access if they need to reach you.

2. Flying doctors are on call 24 hours a day, everyday. Staff includes trauma doctors and nurses that maintain 24-hour contact by direct radio, telephone, and fax between their radio room in Nairobi and other sites across East Africa. Flying Doctors has been operating for many years and owns and operates aircraft’s. Evacuations come into Nairobi, for more information check out the Flying Doctor's web site.

3. We strongly recommend that you take out trip cancellation insurance to protect yourself. If it is necessary for you to cancel your trip within 50 days of your departure, or to discontinue your trip once it has begun, you will lose a significant portion of your investment. Travel insurance companies offer cancellation coverage, trip delay insurance, and baggage loss and delay insurance, and additional health insurance.

4. Vehicle maintenance is crucial in East Africa. Our vehicles are well maintained and every vehicle is given a thorough service before and after each safari. All of our safari vehicles are equipped with radios. Drivers and guides have cell phones for direct communication with our support staff for safety purposes.

5. We are particular when choosing the hotel, lodges and camps that we visit while on safari. The food service department in the places that we stay is a huge priority. We pay attention to the cleanliness of the kitchens and the hygiene of the cooks and wait staff.

6. Our drivers and guides are family members and friends who have deep roots in the areas where we operate. In practical terms this means they have a network of friends and colleagues everywhere you go to help keep you safe and able to experience the culture in a unique way.

7. Our guides have a great deal of knowledge of animal behaviors. They know when it is safe to approach the animals while on game drives to better observe them.

8. We provide bottled water in the vehicles. Hotels, lodges, and camps also provide bottled water in your room or tent for brushing your teeth. On Kilimanjaro climbs we provide boiled water.


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