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  We have three main community projects that are available for volunteering: Community Reforestation Project, Organic Community Farming and Teaching at our local schools. We are always looking for willing and helpful volunteers that will help us attain our goals in planting trees, organic farming or teaching at our local schools.

  The town that all of the projects are based out of is Naro Moru village which is located at the base of Mt Kenya, 170 km north of Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. The local people in this small, rural town are friendly and enjoy meeting other people from all different walks of life. Naro Moru village is a small town that consists of small shops, houses, basic restaurants, bars, basic lodgings, a post office, a gas station, a small bank, and the Naro Moru River Lodge a top range lodge set in a landscape of gardens along the Naro Moru river. The nearest mid-range restaurant, internet cafe and grocery store can be found in Nanyuki which is a typical small country town 30 km from Naro Moru village. There is regular public transport between Naro Moru village and Nanyuki town.


Community Reforestation Project ----
Mt Kenya community reforestation group, is a non-profit, community based project that has no religious or political affiliation. Deforestation is a big problem in Kenya and has most drastically taken place in the reserved forests. Fires, illegal logging and the increased population of Kenya have encroached into the reserved forest causing dramatic deforestation in Kenya. The deforestation has severely effected the local communities , livestock and wildlife. The climate has changed and therefore there is considerable less rainfall that has effected the local farming as well the animals.

The tree reforestation program is a volunteer program based on raising awareness in the community through education about the problems of deforestation. The reforestation program has also developed a tree project of a tree nursery. The trees from the nursery are taken and planted in the bare areas of the woodland for reforestation to protect the wildlife and safe guard the essential water needed for the people and wildlife in the area.

General chores for volunteers ---
-- Planting trees on the river banks to stabilize the water shed and promote a healthy landscape
-- Prepare seedbeds and general maintenance.
-- Educate the community about the importance of planting trees to promote fauna, flora, and reduce carbon emission.

Organic Community Farm----
The organic community supported farm is a community based project in Naro Moru village at the base of Mt Kenya. Their Mission is to grow fresh vegetables and crops for the community and to train and educate other people in the community about organic farming. The goal is to bring organic farming to the daily life of people in Naro Moru, provide information about sustainable gardening, and encourage responsible conservation of water, land and farm resources of the environment and to improve the community welfare.

Majority of the people who live in Naro Moru are small farmers who live off the land that is usually inherited from their families. They grow subsistence crops that the family and community have depended on for generations. The organic community farm is an exceptional project in Kenya because of the people who it helps. The majority of the members are single moms and other individuals who do not have the privilege of owning their land. The piece of land where the community farm is located was granted by an individual who saw the need to have a self sustainable farming for the community.

General Chores for volunteers Include ---
- Working outdoors helping with planting, watering the plants and seed beds, weeding, and making the compost
- Prepare seedbeds and general maintenance
- Educate the community on the importance of organic farming in helping to protect the fragile environment at the base of Mt Kenya in Naro Moru.

Volunteer and Teach at Local School in Kenya----
Since the Kenya government introduced a free primary education, there has been tremendous increase in both the number of secondary schools and in the student enrollment at the primary school level. As a result, many Kenyan schools are facing dramatic shortages of school teachers. Your volunteer contribution in Kenya’s public school would be highly appreciated and would benefit the children of Kenya. There are no specific qualifications needed for volunteering at schools, most of the students understand basic english. You will also be working with and assisting a Kenyan teacher that will help guide you in the classroom. A typical day at a local primary and secondary schools in Naro Moru area would be teaching english, mathematics, business education science and geography. You can also get involved with children and young adults through extra activities like outdoor recreation, sports, theater and art.

Places of interest to visit in the surrounding areas ----

Mt Kenya National Park The park entrance is only 6 km from the projects sight. Mt Kenya is the second highest mountains in Africa ( 5,199 meters (17,057 ft). The park is rich in big game, cape buffaloes and elephants are easily seen, colobus monkeys, vervet and Sykes monkeys are very common. On the higher slopes are rock hyraxes and birds of prey.

Sweetwater Ranch is a 30 to 45 minutes from Naro Moru village. Sweet water is a private ranch with magnificent views across the plain to the snow capped peaks of Mt Kenya. It is located on 90,000 acres of private land and located on the ranch is a chimpanzee sanctuary, the only one of it's kind in Kenya. The facility was established to receive and provide life long refuge to orphaned and abused chimpanzees from west and central Africa.

Samburu game reserve is about 2 to 3 hrs away from the projects. Samburu Game Reserve is located in the north central Rift valley area. It is a contrasting arid wilderness where the waters of Ewaso Nyiro River create a green oasis that attracts an abundance of game including grevy’s zebra, reticulated giraffe, oryx, gerenuk, lions, cheetah and the rare endangered species wild dogs and other birds and animals that you are unlikely to see elsewhere in East Africa.

There is a pleasant youth hostel that is located near the projects and it provides a comfortable and safe place where international volunteers can stay. There is electricity, hot water and it is also very quiet, beautiful place.

$30 per day to cover 3 meals and accommodation

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